Open the gates of the vineyard : between history, technology, sustainability and expertise, discover Saint Thomas craft, from the land to the bottle.

DST - une footprint in time

Philosophy and commitment

Everything is born from a powerful statement: to create a place of conviviality, of reconnection to the land, and to pass on the devouring passion for wine, taste and simple things, yet so rare these days.

However, simplicity requires diligence and constant attention, especially in regards to the conversion to organic farming started in 2020.

Saint Thomas affirms then its desire for change and its ethical commitment, both for the quality of the wines and the preservation of the Roussillon terroirs, and for the well-being of the winemakers and their customers.

High Environmental Value Level 3 Certification

Converting to organic farming since 2020

DST - a footprint in space

Between sea and mountains




Dans la plaine d’Argelès sur mer, à 800 mètres des plages et en bordure du Tech, sont cultivés les cépages légers, vifs et fruités, comme le Marselan, raisin noir aux tanins souples et discrets, ou encore le Colombard, raisin blanc explosif à la tension inégalée. Les sols profonds argilo-limoneux, couplets à l’humidité des embruns et à la Tramontane, permettent une lente maturation des baies tout en favorisant l’expression aromatique propre à chaque cépage.



Enfin, c’est en déambulant sur ses terrasses, en trébuchant sur les schistes, en se perdant dans ce dédale de vignes que l'on comprend le terroir exceptionnel que nous offre Collioure. Un sentiment de plénitude totale vous submerge lorsque vous atteignez notre parcelle des Crêtes, à 300 mètres d’altitude, fouettée par le vent, mordue par le soleil à son aplomb, entourée par la forêt de chênes des Albères et faisant volte-face à la méditerranée.

Collioure, c’est une symphonie des quatre éléments, où l’homme, en véritable chef d’orchestre, a bâti la montagne, par la force de ses bras, en terrasses de schistes, pour que s’y épanouisse dans un état presque sauvage, la Vigne.


Planté sur les terrasses érodées d’anciennes rivières du Roussillon, le terroir de Cabestany, au sol argilo-calcaire, graveleux, riche en petits galets roulés, est reconnu pour la qualité de ses muscats, fins et aromatiques (Muscat de Rivesaltes), et de ses rouges amples et structurés (Côtes du Roussillon – Cuvée Louis Olivé).

DST - the key values

THE WINERY : expertise and modernity

Built in 2012, the winery was designed according to the three fundamental values ​​of Saint Thomas, necessary to the production of great wines.


Respect the integrity of the grape

Pneumatic press, harvest cooling chamber, stainless steel tanks with thermo-regulation, aging in amphorae and oak barrels… so many details that help to preserve the intrinsic qualities of each grape.

Limit our environmental impact

Very concerned about the consequences of our activity on the biodiversity, greenhouse gases or water pollution, we invest on different production segments in order to regulate our energy balance.

Production of green electricity: with its roof entirely covered with photovoltaic panels, our winery produces more electricity than it consumes, thanks to solar energy.

Reduction of water consumption: the production of one liter of wine requires up to 10 liters of water in the most extreme cases. Our winery has therefore been designed to facilitate cleaning and optimize hygiene throughout the production process. For example, the annealed stainless steel of our tanks, an antibacterial and extremely smooth material, minimizes our use of disinfectants and descaling products, by promoting the removal of scale plaques.



Facilitate and secure the work of our employees

The associated risks to the profession of winegrower are numerous, and can be very serious. Thus, the health and safety of our team is a priority. Each year, we invest in new equipment adapted to everyone (electric secateurs, automated wine pumps, safety rails, etc.), so that working is never a constraint but a pleasure.


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