the roots

"Drinking a great wine invites you to travel through time, like light. Observe its color, taste its aromas, evaluate its structure, and you may feel a hand resting on your shoulder, its creator's."

Bastien Savoldelli


Perhaps the best way to describe the winemakers who have trodden the lands of Saint Thomas in Cabestany, with the hope that the next generation, through their work and their craft, will make this terroir resonate with excellence and makes each vintage even greater than the previous one.


Born from a misunderstanding in Spain, when the peasant grandfather, at the dawn of his twenties, was handsomely paid to do military service in place of a wealthy Spanish notable. Quickly forgetting the agreement while keeping the savings, he decided to take the train, not to join the ranks, but in the direction of Perpignan, France, in order to live a softer life there.


Once settled in France, the grandfather transmitted to each of his seven children a property, land or a barn. This is how decades later, Laurence will inherit these few hectares of vineyard, passed down in the family for seven generations.


With Pierre-Jean, son of Ariège farmers and passionate about agriculture, they decided in 2005 to settle in Argelès-sur-mer to create their own domain, which they named in homage to this land and their ancestors: Domaine Saint-Thomas.


The vineyard grows year to year, first in the rich and deep clay-loamy plain of Argelès and on the old alluvial terraces of Cabestany, then in 2014 on the famous schist terraces of Collioure. In 2012, Saint Thomas embarked on the construction of a new winery, modern and fully set, to further sublimate the wines from the multiple terroirs.


Today, the vineyard spreads over nearly 25 hectares. The grape vines meet apricot, cherry and olive trees, bringing a great diversity of insects and birds necessary for the ecological balance of the crops. The winery allows the production of around twenty cuvées with strong personalities, as well as safety and working comfort.


Finally, the year 2020 marks a decisive turning point for the estate, with the conversion of the vineyard to organic farming and the arrival of Bastien, new Director of Production and Oenologist, but above all the eighth generation of winegrowers within the family.


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